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Forums - General Discussion - Is it safe to buy apps from the Android market place? Need Help.

I'm knew to the whole Android experience and I'm looking to buy a few games from the market place. The only problem I have is that I've noticed that the market place is filled with rubbish games, some are clearly mislabelled and some just look really shifty. I actually want to buy Game Dev Story, but I'm worried that if I put in my credit card details, something may come back to bite me in the ass and I don't need a Russian tech kid to start flashing my details around in the next few weeks. Is the market place secure? Is it going through Google or is my money going straight to the app developer? Thanks for the help.

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As far as I now, it should be ok. The rubbish games is probably because she submitting process is not complicated so everyone can do it? I'm curious too as to what those in the know will say. :)

If you're on the Android Market, and not one of several other app stores, then your money is being processed by Google. So your credit card details should be safe, though you still want to be sure you're buying Game Dev Story rather than Game D3v St0ry, if you catch my meaning.

The other thing to watch is when you're installing an app that it isn't accessing data it has no reason to, such as a game that wants to look at your contacts list. A window should pop up when you buy asking for permission to various data.

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You buy stuff on the marketplace using Google shopper, so you should be fine