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Forums - Website Topics - New Malware Ads on VG Chartz

What is with the Annoy-ware ads on VG Chartz that started about a week or 2 ago?  Every couple days while I am on VG Chartz, my browser window will suddenly get resized small and a dialog window pops up asking if I want to install PerformanceOptimizer.  Even when I click "cancel" it takes me to their website.  This is incredibly annoying.  I am not clicking on any banner ads to start this.  It seems to be caused by a java script in one of the random banner ads.

It sends my browser to the following 3 links no matter what I do.  I don't recommend anyone with a Windows machine follow these links, no telling what viruses or malware you may pick up there.  I only include the links as they might help VG Chartz figure out which sleazy ad company is causing this. 

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I would get the same, so I used my Adblock in Firefox, so far so good