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Forums - General Discussion - Anybody ever log into home,anymore?


Anybody ever log into home,anymore?

yes,just about everyday 4 5.13%
sometimes,maybe a couple times a week 5 6.41%
Only,when they add stuff 4 5.13%
maybe,once a month,if that. 13 16.67%
I tried it once,then deleted it. 27 34.62%
What's this home,you speak of? 25 32.05%

shall we all meet up there and umm dance and go shopping

i had a look about a month ago,there was quite a few new things since i'd last visited

i think if i was a lot younger and had loads a friends it would be fun to meet up there,where was the internet when i was younger *sobs*

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I log in occaisionally but i usually have fun when i do.

RolStoppable said:

Home is so irrelevant that it doesn't even deserve to be talked about in the gaming section.



its been confirmed today that GT5 has a weather system, track editor and go karts! seriously i think this is going to be the best selling in the series even beating GT3 sales of 14 million plus!

No need for the comma after home.

On topic: Maybe once every like 6 months just to follow around the female avatars and do funny poses until they walk away.

Last year, when I did the classic "look hot and change into a beer bellied man with a red pomp to piss people off".

19:44:34 Skeezer METAL GEAR ONLINE
19:44:36 Skeezer FAILURE
19:44:51 ABadClown You're right!
19:44:55 ABadClown Hur hur hur
19:45:01 Skeezer i meant
19:45:04 Skeezer YOU ARE A FAILKURE
19:45:08 Skeezer FAILURE*
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RolStoppable said:

Home is so irrelevant that it doesn't even deserve to be talked about in the gaming section.

LOL I was wondering why this was in the off topic section

Really don't want to download and install it... tried it on a friends, but never used it on my console.

I... never did in the first place.

I liked the idea of the free little games you could play and watned to  check it out... but when I found out there was an actual physical limit constraint... as in there are 6 machines here so only 6 people can play...

I just never botherted to download it... because it was going to be crowded.  I figured "If I care enough, I'll check everything out once things calm down."

Turns out I didn't care enough.

It's why you've got to get people through the door RIGHT away and why product constraints and stupid phyiscal constraints like that are NEVER a good idea.

Eventually you are just going to lose consumers who say "You know what, I didn't really care that much to begin with, and all this waiting has built my somewhat interested curiosity into disinterest and somewhat negative feelings for having to wait.

I meant to try it out when I got my PS3 about a year ago, but I forgot.  I need to try it out so I can be truthful when I make jokes about it. 

It's worth checking out if your into exploring 3d spaces, like I am. So far the best time I had in home was when Xi was going on, they need to more things like that. And how about a first person view option? It hasn't lived up to it's potential yet. There's a lot of games to play, but they are all spread out. Why not have a amusement park space with all free multiplayer games? Or even get Disney involved and resurrect their virtual Disneyland inside home?