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Forums - Website Topics - Mods that Ban because erm....

Worst ban in the history of bans. WTF.

I seriously think Vgchartz need to re-think who they made mod. FishyJoe actions in te thread leading to a user getting banned were not only disgraceful as a user but totally pathetic of a moderator who are MEANT TO BE SETTING THE STANDARDS. What we have here is that instead of the Vgchartz moderators being example for other users to follow they are thinking they are above the law and can do whatever the hell they want and yes I am pointing directly at you FishyJoe. Pathetic excuse for a moderator.

That ban should be lifted ASAP and FishyJoe talked to about what's appropiate and what isn't. The standard of moderating is poor and mst be raised if Vgchartz ever want to become a respectable place for anything other then look at the home page for sale figures.


 I could not believs this guy was banned. Was'nt fishy Joe the user going off topic talking about Nintendo software (the topic was about the ps3 increase on Seriously this needs to be addressed Ioi, DK etc thanks.


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heh, thanks guys, im afriad its no use though, best to just get used to it i suppose, it seems nothing will change, he know sits bullshit, thats why he deleted the thread so people cant easily access it. No worries


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message Ioi the site creater or whatever


Dont worry guys. Now you have more time to experience the outdoors ;)

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All mod related complaints need to be sent in message form to BenKenobi, Stof, or DKII. Posting threads about it won't accomplish anything. That's all.

well the guy did call fishyjoe a fucking idiot. thats a good reason to be banned isn't it?