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Forums - General Discussion - When is your birthday?

Mine is September 27. LOL

I didn't get a new game or anything on my bday, but I have gotten Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for my little brother though. :) Hes a happy camper now. 

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April 22.

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december 7, yep thats pearl harbor day

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Happy birthday. Mine is February 1.

Hope you´ll get some games by Christmas.

February 31st

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September 29


April 19th, 1984.  I hear that women cried tears of joy on this date because they realized all their fantasies would be fulfilled. 

Happy birthday @hasanwhy.

Mine is May 31th... I brought Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, God of War Collection and sign the PSN Plus service.

July 5

July 22nd, which I share with the great... Danny Glover. lmao. Among other B-stars and one terrible president.