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Forums - General Discussion - Can you sing?

nightsurge said:

I can sing better than Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa, so yes, I can sing.

Wow, then you must be beyond all the greats ever in music. :o Prove it. :P


nightsurge said:
Vetteman94 said:
nightsurge said:

I can sing better than Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa, so yes, I can sing.

I highly doubt that....  Ok maybe Taylor Swift

OT:  No I cant sing, I cant even play the vocals in Rock Band games

Lol, yeah I was just taking a shot at Ps3 because I know she (or is it he?) likes those 2 people a lot

*He. :P Just because I am a male I can like pop music, I like everything though, ranging from Metalica to Avenged Sevenfold, but I really love Taylor Swift. Anyways this topic is not about who I like. :P I would like to hear you sing lol


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Well, I guess I could give Mariah Carey a run for her money... provided she were drunk and had her faced stuffed with tortillas of course.

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I've been asked to join a couple of groups at my town so i would guess that i can :P


No I can't but I don't sing badly enough to make ears bleed. I only sing when I'm alone. XD

I totally suck at singing, by which I mean I'm worse at it than everyone I know and have heard, and I've never known anyone close to a singing talent. Can't get the tones right - while I had piano lessons for 7-8 years and did enough music theory, I never did any singing.
It's a skill that almost anyone can aquire though - of course with certain range and timbre limitations. I meant to learn it too because in high school it was the only music alternative to the boring generic music class (which had less material than I had already learned anyway), but it was led by a teacher I had quite a personal dislike for.

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Well yeah, i'm told i'm a pretty good singer. I remember back in high school how people wouldn't leave me alone whenever i or anyone else brought a guitar. My relatives and family friends also love to hear me sing and play. I've been asked to sing at a party once but i never played in a band so i refused, and my parents want me to sing in the ceremony when they renew their vows.

All you have to do is love music, sing along your favorite songs (provided you listen to stuff worth singing) and make sure you aren't doing anything that would damage your vocal chords in the long run.

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