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Forums - Website Topics - Gamer Girl Elite: There's something I don't understand.

I have a question, and it's very simple -- if the mods know she's Gballzack, then why are they letting her post under that account? It doesn't make any sense to me. Now, if you guys are fine with letting her back, why not just unban the original Gballzack account? Letting her post under the Gamer Girl Elite account has been the cause of many unnecessary arguments and has led to multiple threads going off-topic. Things are getting out of hand; something needs to be done about it! I say unban Gballzack!

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i don't thinks she's gballzack. she gets really pissed off when people acuse her of that.

she's gonna throw a tantrum when she sees this thread.

Shes going to get pissed and come in here and tell you your testostoron lvls (i didnt spell that right but i dont care) are to high and you have anger issues

Trust me its like clockwork. I wish we could get rid of her as well

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It's gballzack okeydokey, the mods will not unban the gball account, then we will have people wanting Hus and blue3 back under their accounts.

Because we don't know that. Oh sure it seems pretty obvious, but since we can't do IP checks we can never actually know that. All we can do is handle each poster and each situation as we see fit. For instance, in this situation I'm going to lock this thread as it deals with individual posters in a very negative way.

And why the hell would we unban gballzack? It's so sad that people are obsessed with a troll poster just because they claimed to be a girl and flirted a lot.

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--OkeyDokey-- said:

is she really gball? lol, i'm so confused.
if she is, she'll just deny it and give us all a big lecture in this thread about "phantom boogie men" and such.