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Kingdom Hearts: BBS Superior to KH: 358/2 Days "Overall Quality"?

Yes it will be! 36 81.82%
No it won't be! 1 2.27%
Depends... im on the fence! 2 4.55%
Kingdom Harts ish 4 KIDS! 1 2.27%
Freshly baked Apple Pie! 4 9.09%

And explain why if you want.

My reasons:

+ Better Graphics

+ More traditional KH gameplay (Somewhere in between KH1 and KH2)

+ More important to the story then KH: Days (Its not a spin-off unlike Days)

+ Better Main Characters (Terra and Aqua have amazing designs, Roxax wannbe looks average though.)

+ Most likely will have direct links to KH3 in someway.


Reasons End:


Still the Lack of Sephiroth is most harassing. since the art-style looks alot like KH2.

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Obviously yes... problem with 358/2 is no body cares about Organization 13 outside a few was just boring, but playing with Riku was a though

Based on Famistu, yes.

From what I've seen so far, yes.

Yes, Looks to be head and shoulders better.

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

BBS is a prequel which moves the story forward. 358/2 Days just fills in some holes about a dead Organization. BBS also has improved gameplay. Everybody already knows this, not sure what the point of the topic is for something obvious...

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Without a shred of doubt

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I enjoyed 358/2 days very much, but obviously birth by sleep is the better game. Days felt kinda like a copy paste game in some respects. It re-used almost all the music and enviroments from past games. Plus while it did explain some important things none of it moved the the whole story forward. Birth by Sleep is pretty much the opposite of that. It also seems that BBS is moving the series out of button mashing.

most of the Storyline in "358/2" and the "Chain of Memories" i knew about when i was reading EVERY SINGLE ONE of the character profiles in Kingdom Hearts 2 , but i don't remember what exactly happened to "DiZ" which is "Darkness in Zero" which is actually "Ansem the Wise"

So in other words.... yes it will be a better game because its storyline is new and not been told before.

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All you need to see is the KH2 Secret Ending to determine whether BBS will be better than 358/2 Days...

BBS wins by a landslide.

No question.