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New Xbox LIVE Gold Family Subscription Plan
>> From the MS press release:

This November, the new Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack will offer up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for only US$99.99 - the price of two regular Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions. Now as you prepare for the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, which makes YOU the controller, consider giving your family premium Gold experience and access to the biggest names in entertainment.

Perfect for families, the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack will also offer access to additional conveniences and services including the new Family Center, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and for easier family management, access to activity monitoring reports, and the ability to purchase and give Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.

An Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack includes:
* Up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for the price of two - (US) $99.99.
* Family Center - a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and on
* The primary account member has the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.
* Activity monitoring reports viewable on to help encourage discussions about safer more balanced gaming and entertainment habits.
* Simplified billing that applies all purchase charges to the primary account holder's billing account and the ability to authorize purchases, helping to manage the family's entertainment budget.
* Exclusive family content and discounts.

The industry-leading, built-in Xbox 360 Family Settings are also being taken to the next level this November. It's Microsoft's goal to provide parents and caregivers with tools and resources to manage their children's gaming and entertainment experiences, and these features are available to all Xbox LIVE members:
* Family Programming that removes all mature games, movies, and content from the dashboard, based on ESRB, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings and the TV Parental Guidelines system . Family Programming is password protected, and easy to turn on and off for each member. (Compatible with international ratings systems.)
* Title exceptions - the ability to allow your family members to play specific games above the console's designated ESRB rating if you deem appropriate. (Compatible with international ratings systems.)
* Intelligent default settings for child, teen, and adult profiles. Xbox will automatically assign default privacy and activity settings for each member that can later be individually customized.
* Family Settings are displayed prominently in the MyXbox channel. Current tools include the Family Timer, which allows you to control the amount of time - either daily or weekly - your children may use the console.

Full Press Release:

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Hopefully Amazon will discount this the same 30% of the single accounts. 

I'm wondering if you only have use for 3 accounts for instance, whether the fourth account will be redeemable/recoverable for a friend on another console?

Cool....I wonder if anyone can just buy the family pack and use it over 4 years....

Nope.  The only gamers in my house are me and my kid.  I think that anybody who plays on my console should have free online.  $50 a year is fine for me (because I'm a selfish prick) but $100 a year so that someone else can play?  Ridiculous.

The only bright side is if, somehow, I can split the cost with three friends and we all end up paying $25 apiece for XBL Gold...........

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I'm guessing that all the accounts will all have to be tied to the same XBox360, otherwise the potential for abuse is massive.

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I wonder if it has IP checking. If not i can bet there will be plenty of 4 people sharing.


If i can manage to get my uncle to get this i will only have to pay a quater the price for live with 2 friends.

Great offer

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bobobologna said:

I'm guessing that all the accounts will all have to be tied to the same XBox360, otherwise the potential for abuse is massive.

But even then, with a standard Gold account, I can go to anybody's 360 and retrieve my Gamertag and play online on anybody's 360.  Would Microsoft actually be willing to cut this feature if I added a few people (which I don't plan on doing.....yet)?   

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You may find the primary account holder can use their GT anywhere, but sub accounts are tied to a certain 360.

^^^Well that sucks balls.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures