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Forums - Gaming Discussion - # of Units sold by the year ending 2012

PlayStation - 95 Million Wii - 35 Milion 360 - 32 Million If I'm still alive then, I'll be giving out $100 to the best estimate given. But I think I got it right though

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Wow we have a lot of faith in that Playstation haha. I don't think, due to the 360 and PS3's price, that it can sell more than 60 million. I think only the affordable Wii can hit up in those large numbers. So here's mine which in all areas is a rough estimate Wii- 70 million PS3- 50 million 360- 35 million Once again a very rough estimate. I'd have to really do some research and deep thought to give a better estimation but I don't see 360 doing to well with the competition out. I think for the powerful system customers are goign to choose the PS3 over the 360 and Wii has either a strong first console or a backing second console.

It's really too early to tell. The Nintendo DS only took off after they dropped the price and hasn't slowed since then. If both 360 and PS3 come down in price to where it's comparable to Wii it will be very hard for Wii to compete. I am getting a PS3 in the spring, in February, just before some big PS3 game releases. I also have a 360 at the moment. But I passed on the Wii for now because it just doesn't wow me graphically, sure it's games are fun (like all nintendo games are, hey I grew up on NES) but I'm 25 now, and my tastes are for games wowing me with gameplay and outstanding HD. I think maybe after 6 months shake out we can tell a little more.

Crazy estimates from you people. PS3 - 70m X360 - 60m Wii - 55m Same predictions I've had since April...

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

2012: Wii - 150 million PS3 - 60 million Xbox 360 - 30 million Everyone must think I'm crazy, so let me explain briefly. First, the PS3 will sell because of its name as we've seen, but the sales will soon decline because of the hefty prize for the "not so hc-gamers". Then, within a few years many of the fence sitters have chosen Xbox 360 after a drop in price, because it will have lots of great games such as Halo 3 and Alan Wake and only few hits will be PS3 exclusive. Reliability problems of PS3 are also a sales dropper among consumers who do their research, because it has to compete against the evolved 360. So why does the PS3 beat 360? Well, Microsoft hasn't done too much of repairing the image of being for a narrow set of consumers gamewise unlike Nintendo. Another thing is that PS3 has the charm of being the new powerhouse, which most of all shadows the 360. PS3's sale rate will rise after each price drop and so the more casual gamers who are familiar with the brand, will buy it as well as the people who are interested in blu-ray movies. The HD-DVD tower for Xbox360 isn't a great idea, but by 2012 Microsoft will undoubtedly have a new console in the market with HD-DVD capabilities. That was the next gen wars. Then there's the Wii. The Wii will outsell Xbox 360 in 2007 for many reasons: Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports etc plus the quite affordable price and innovativity. Wii60 and PSWii combinations will be much more popular than PS360 among hc-gamers and many old-timers will choose just the Wii because they're against the direction where Microsoft and PS3 are leading the game industry. Also the virtual console will gather some of the over 20 years old NES-gamers, who haven't played since. I've even heard of people who haven't played since C64 who are interested in Wii. It's worth to check out the article "Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?" by Gamasutra. Most of all, Wii will appeal to casual gamers. Nintendo's best weapon in the handheld market is the arcade-style gameplay and this will be Wii's strong weapon too, but in different form, party-games. WarioWare: Smooth Moves and others beat Eyetoys with their quality. Sports games of Wii will reign too. Madden 07 for Wii is clear indicator for this and the gameplay of sports games will improve vastly through trial and error. Wii Sports is the most popular game for Wii in Japan, although it doesn't come bundled with the Wii! The inclusive nature of Wii is best seen when whole families gather to play, which wont directly lead anyone buying a Wii, but maintain the buzz around it. The Wii will however gain success as many people try it out at a friends place or in a mall and fall under its spell because "playing is believing". Check out the article "Playtesters say Wii to console war question" from MSNBC if you are skeptical about this. A surprising number of non-gamers will pick Wii because of some crazy titles unseen on any console as soon as the price drops to 100 dollars/euros in 2009. Wii will also be the ultimate "mom, neighbour's Joe has that console and I want it too" -system. The stigmas of Nintendo are hard ones to conquer among the younger hc-gamers, but even some PS fanboys will buy Wii when the new Zelda and Resident Evil arrive in 2008. GTA for Wii would be an instant hit. Power-dependant games like MGS4 won't be seen on Wii, but 360 and PS3 will loose much of their charm of being on the cutting edge of technology soon after superb "nextnextgen" PC-games like Crysis appear in 2007. Predictions before 2012: By the end of 2007: Wii - 30 million PS3 - 10 m 360 - 13 m By the end of 2008: Wii - 80 m PS3 - 25 m 360 - 20 m By the end of 2010: Wii - 135 m PS3 - 40 m 360 - 27 m added: Nintendo will expand its market also geographically, esp. in South Korea and China.

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PS3 73 millions Wii 51 millions Xbox360 49 millions

Wii - 90-110 million 360 - 50-60 million PS3 - 20-35 million I gave myself a range to more or less cover my ass

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

"Why do they call it the xbox 360? Because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away" 

Wii - 60m 360 - 42 - 50m PS3 - 40m

Yulegoat said: By the end of 2007: Wii - 30 million PS3 - 10 m 360 - 13 m By the end of 2008: Wii - 80 m PS3 - 25 m 360 - 20 m .
That shows everyone that your high and no one should belive your predictions. according to you 360 will sell 4m in 2007 and 7m in 2008. 360 will sell 4m WW (Min) in Q4 2007 alone. and why the big spike in 08?

Townzy said: That shows everyone that your high and no one should belive your predictions. according to you 360 will sell 4m in 2007 and 7m in 2008. 360 will sell 4m WW (Min) in Q4 2007 alone. and why the big spike in 08?
just thinking out of the box. According to this site, Microsoft has sold 8 million 360s as of now, so the number I was thinking for 2007 was 5 million consoles (13-8=5). Microsoft will sharply drop the price of 360 in 2008 and there's gonna be some killer apps (->the fence sitters activate), hence the 7 m. That's my prediction . My main focus was on the final numbers, but I thought I'd give predictions for the whole money. Don't take them too seriously, I know I won't.