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Parties, why the hell couldn't I join a party with my friends in a lobby so we can go look for a game, and because there's no cross game or party chat we have to keep laboriously typing out messages to let each other know what match we're jumping into.

More rewards for playing in general and playing well. For example in MW2 you get pop-up points and killstreaks. Being rewarded for doing well really makes that game ten times better. All killzone 2 has to confirm a kill is a little bleep. When the game starts to bleep bleep bleep all the time you forget you're getting triple kills and just hear this dumb bleep noise. It starts to feel like a grind, and you get bored fast. They don't have to copy MW2, but some sort of reward for playing would be great.

Customisable characters, as rewards (^^,) for playing well and leveling up, you should be able to customise your character's appearance. Either just attaching badges you've earned or even equipping officer uniform. Some of the helghast had slick clothing in the campaign, it'd be sweet to see more dynamic characters in the multiplayer.

The option to have matches where it isn't Helghast v ISA, and instead let you choose whoever you want. ISA v ISA or a mix etc. If some people think that the red-eyes are too easy to spot, then they can play some of those matches.

And of coarse, more weapons. Tons more weapons. I've always liked their maps, and don't think vehicles are needed. Destruction and cover don't seem that important to me either.

If there could be some coop elements in K3 too that'd be awesome. Either local and/or online campaign coop, special coop missions or both. I'd be happy. Coop survival would be awesome setting up turrets in strategic points to help defend from the next onslaught. But all these ideas are most likely moot since the game is probably nearly finished.

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killzone 2 multplayer is already perfect, so let's keep it that way + lots more content.

guns and banjos.

force people into squads


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Vehicles sounds like an awful idea. What I loved about KZ2 MP is that it didn't try to be any other shooter and had it's own unique feel. Adding vehicles will just break balance, ala Battlefield 2 and the like. In BF2, whoever's flying around with a jet or a helicopter owns the entire field of play.

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I'll probably get trolled for this, but i want them to increase the speed and accuracy of the aiming and guns in general. It just feels to sloppy in kz2.

A higher framerate for online mp would be nice. I like my fast action passed shooting to be visible.

It's already brilliant, just needs tweaked:

- Remove C4 or make it possible to see (I know it is visible but cmon its not fair)

- Remove Airbots

- Reduce amount of bots in smaller games such as clan matches

- Make a clan system that can't be boosted

- Make a 'My Rank Only' system that actually works. Too many CIC's eating noobs.

- No vehicles

- No jetpacks in MP

- Twice as many ranks. Full rank should take around 350 hours to get.

- Keep all current guns there is atm

And NO COD controls. Guerilla will be stupid to do this. The only people who want un-realistic fairy controls are COD fans. Nomatter how KZ3 suits their tastes, they're always gona go back to COD. Guerilla should cater for its own fans.

Well I hope certain maps for certain game types. Make something strong to cut down spawn camping. More weapons and  unlockables. Over all Killzone 2's multiplayer runs good so I can't say anything about lag. Make aerial bots weaker(I hate those fucking things)