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I just ordered the game becuase i never played it and i was wondering if people still play the multiplayer. If so how many people are usually online?

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according to 357 people playing

i play time to time, i don't know how many but enough people play it online .

Holy f the game is dead. Too bad, the online was pretty good. I bet 90% of the remaining players are the "pr0s" clan waring.

I played it a couple weeks ago for a weekend, and had no problems finding a full 32 player Warzone game to join. But ouch, I just checked and 282 players online.

Still, as sepisfu said, enough people play it online. Just don't buy the map packs because I've only seen one game ever using them.

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i still play about twice a week, still plenty of people to find games

Even today there are still more than enough noobs online.

i play it it still has lot of people

i bought it two weeks ago.. and tried the multiplayer.. it was good and didnt have any problem... anyways uncharted 2 multiplayer is Amazing :D i really enjoy it =D

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phxprovost said:
according to 357 people playing

lol i think you were looking at games. Right now there are 2705 players logged in playing. I play this game everyday and believe me there more than 300 people playing