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if the 360 isnt in time for red dead redemption. see anything can happen. so i reccomend getting it for the ps3. add me. im xx111ghostbuster on psn

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Ps3 version has PShome rewards if you're into that.


ps3: Rockstar has had a long-standing relationship with Sony and its consoles; they won't disappoint with the ps3 version. your decision though

It's to early to tell. The only engine tech analysis of late we have is from DF doing the new DLC for GTA on PS3 and 360.

Basically there is hardly anything in it. The 360 version edges with uncapped Framerate and more AA. But it's not too noticeable according to DF.

Does RDR run on a modded GTA 4 engine? Who knows.

Both versions will be great. So get it for the system you play on most. ACh/Trophies. Live/PSN. Take your pick.