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Is it time for Microsoft to start pushing Digital Distribution more?

Yes, hard drives are getting larger. 18 32.14%
No, internet is still not ready for it. 19 33.93%
Yes, other reasons (discuss). 7 12.50%
No, other reasons (discuss). 12 21.43%
V-r0cK said:
Father: Merry Christmas son!
Son: Where's my present I dont see it anywhere?
Father: Ill download you whatever game onto your PS3 or 360!
Son: Ok, the game i want is 30gb big and i dont have enough space so we'll have to buy a new HDD and stores are closed today so we'll have to wait and buy it tomorrow.
(The next day....)
Father: Ok i just bought you a new HDD now lets download your new game!
Son: Yea thanks dad! We only have a 2 GB bandwidth and its an extra $2 per GB that exceeds it.
Father: problem son its still your Christmas present!
Son: Since we cant afford the fastest internet its going to take 5 days to finish downloading it.
Father: um.....Happy New Years!!!

A situation that can easily happen, and could've been easier just by having the game on disc.

Again I refer you to the "kiosk" option.

But as others have already said as well, if MS could just release the install to harddrive option that would allow only the first disc to be needed to play, that'd be another great alternative.

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nightsurge said:

Again I refer you to the "kiosk" option.

But as others have already said as well, if MS could just release the install to harddrive option that would allow only the first disc to be needed to play, that'd be another great alternative.

An option installation would be a great alternative, i dont neccessary disagree with digital but physical is just more preferred.  As well, its just that buying physical content is much easier, you just need the disc and done.  With digital you have some factors to consider like HDD space, time spent to install it (some people can be really impatient), if you were to download you'd have to consider internet speed, bandwidth as well etc.  To a consumer's eye, simply buying the disc and play able right away is more appealing thats all.  Until those factors are easier than going to the store and buying the game, i cant see digital being nothing more than just an option.


And with the 'kiosk' option, my girlfriend/friends/family cant surprise me with a game unless they take my HDD leaving me unable to game til i get my HDD back and as well it wont be a surprise if i knew my HDD was taken.

I dont think microsoft should make any download only games because most people just arent ready for that.
But i do think microsoft should start releasing game for games on demand at the same time as they release at retail.

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nightsurge said:
GreyianStorm said:
I think bandwidth caps are a way bigger disadvantage than you've accounted for. Here (Ireland), most internet packages only give a 30gb monthly transfer limit, which would probably only allow for 1-2 DD titles (proper, big budget, not little arcade-y ones), assuming you don't surf the net, play online etc at all.

I had no idea it was that low over there.  I can go over 30GB just doing normal browsing with like some youtube and song streaming involved.


Yes, Kitler mentioned that and I agree that would make a better solution.  I hope MS just does something to raise the small 6.8GB limit without making me have to swap discs all the time and whatnot.

Well, I wouldn't have expected you to know what it's like here, seeing as it's something you wouldn't have a need to know if you don't live here. I think in a few years though, it will probably be more likely to succeed. I know one company is intending to release a 100mb connection this summer, so that would make game downloads really quick. Hard drive is there now (and in a few years, 1 hard drive could hold dozens of games). I just think that the bandwidth cap is too big a restriction now.


The kiosk idea sounds good, but it means retailers would still take a cut, so we'd end paying the same, but losing the used market.

What about limiting the number of games you could have @ 1 time... I know you can always delete or even get a bigger hard drive but at the moment that seems kinda limiting... At least I think so...

I own 40+ games but at anytime I can pop one of them in (barring an update) and play right away. if you deleted it you'd have to download and install again... Or swap hardrives... I would be afraid to ask what MS would charge for a 1TB hard drive...

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Games on demand is a great idea, but I'm not going to buy any of those tittles until their price dop 50% for two reasons:

1.- Almost all the interesting ones I already have them original with their box and manual...

2.- Price is insane.




They can do both. You know, digital and disc.

xiphias666 said:
They can do both. You know, digital and disc.

I think Nightsurge is trying to say that bigger games that are limited by DVD, should be pushed using Digital Distribution. The whole point he is making, is that DD should be used for games that can't fit on discs. In that case, they can't do both.

Let me also add that with DD games if you for some reason don't have internet you most likely won't be able to play your games because most DD games require you to be online and/or signed into something. Much less being able to download them.

Let me give some examples. You live in a dorm and your school blocks your connection, your internet goes down, you for what ever reason can't afford internet/Live. Your screwed DD is something thats marketed as good for the consumer but it's not. Games should come on media plain and simple.

This is a terrible idea. Games that need more than a single DVD to operate are typically large budget games. The last thing you want to do with a large budget game is restrict it's market. Nobody really cares about multi disc games. Don't let forums fool you. The majority of buyers find out a game has more than one disc when they open the case. From a development standpoint it's irrelevant. Money talks, feelings walk.

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