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Forums - Website Topics - Congratulations, these iAds are getting very annoying

And I have been selected to no longer visit this site from work until they can either be muted by default instead of blaring their message out of nowhere.   Or maybe find a better advertiser source that pays well but doesn't use audio to get attention. 

 While at work they get so loud that they give me a huge headache and today has been horrible.  I haven't noticed them at work other then the ones that would play only if I would roll over the ads.   I could at least avoid those by using my mouse steathly so they wouldn't bombard me with "Helloooo Helllloooo, we are a bunch of annoying smilies".

 I know, firefox is my friend, but work has it set up so I cannot use it here. 

 Could we get any sort of response to this issue instead of just a locking of a thread with no response?  I'll help you find new advertisers if it means the end of those annoying ads.


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