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Those annoying talking ads?   For the Free iPod/iPhone everything.   Because of how loud they start up, I have to quickly move to turn down my speakers at work because of them.   If I were at home it's not a problem at firefox with ad block and no script stops those annoying ads before they can even stop.

 I know you need the ad revenue, but could you find a deal with something else that doesn't blare over my speakers when at work?  (sadly I have to use IE at work and cannot use Firefox here.)  All it will do is cause myself and others to stop visiting the site while at work because of the annoyance of those ads telling me about those great scam deals to get a *Free whatever the product is. 

 *not really free, but if you trick enough people to sign up for things they may be able to scam them from not cancelling a offer.


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My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard. And they're like, "You wanna trade cards?" Damn right, I wanna trade cards. I'll trade this, but not my charizard.

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agreed--i have to juggle back and forth b/c i stream music off my machine and all of the sudden i get"you have been selected to recieve a free ipod...all you have to do is sell me your first born child"--i might be paraphrasing there at the end