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if this comes to PSN il get it

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Next best thing to pokemon! I wanna play this


All They need now it Digimon. :D

-Newcloud- said:
if this comes to PSN il get it

You should try Eye of judgement


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Garnett said:
elticker said:
Garnett said:
yungmagic09 said:
I always liked Yu Gi Oh when I was younger.

If the online community turns out big, I may get this.

Yeah me too, but i wish they would only include the first two seasons cards, i dont know shit about anything after the Marik saga.

lol your like me :) when i first saw yugioh GX i thought wtf and it sucked for me mark saga is the best :) i have yugioh nightmare troubadour on my ds finished it done everyrthing and my sis gets the newer version and ihated it.

The Marik saga was epic! That was the last time i watched Yugioh.



Right me too.

Now that I think about it, I want to play this more now.

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Kamal said:

 (I'm told it will take about 1,000 victories to earn every card). Those that want the easy route out will find booster packs that can be bought through Xbox Live to instantly trick out their deck for a cost.


Screw the rules I have money!

How do you make a deck?

oh yeh i'm getting it for sure!


Ah, badass... I have one of the tagforce games and it's tons of fun. In general I love trading card games, but hate everything that comes with trading card games.

AKA having to spend shit tons to get all the cards, having to always find someone to play with you... so these videogame adaptations I love... since I could never force myself to buy cards in real life.

After years of fighting with guns it's time to settle our differences like men, by playing a children's card game!

Can't wait