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How big is your PS3's HDD? (only people who upgraded their system)

160GB 6 10.91%
250GB 6 10.91%
320GB 9 16.36%
500GB 15 27.27%
1TB 13 23.64%
other 6 10.91%

I searched the forums and couldn't find a thread like this.

So my question goes to everybody who switched out the HDD from their PS3. How much capacity does your new HDD have? (I hope I have the most common sizes listed)

Maybe I want to replace my 40GB HDD too in the future and like to know what other people have.

Thanks for answering.

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i just went with a 160gig from the original 60gig.


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i went with 320, it formats to about 298(because advertized HDD sizes are innacurate, they use 1000kb megabytes which causes inflated numbers. Mine will never be full, but it depends what your storing. Tons of HD video you might want a huge one, but just games and demos 320 is plenty, I have over 40 ps3 games and still well over 100gigs left

500gb + a 500gb usb disk for all video content.

I have a 500GB in mine. I have about 200GB of video on there. Probably another 100GB-200GB between Demos and Game Data. I play a lot of games though.

I also have a 500GB external connected to the USB port with all video.

The one thing I hate about my PS3 is the menus for video on the internal drive . If you have a lot of movies, it's a pain to navigate. It would be nice if they allowed creation of subfolders on there.

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I upgraded 2 weeks ago to 1TB, courtesy of PSPlus.

Oh god what an old thread!!

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Went from 20gb to 500gb, made a huge difference. Cannot imagine having less then 250 with PS+ now.

80 -> 500Gb + a 500Gb external with majority of my dvd collection on it.

..even at 500Gb i ran out of space about 2 years ago. no idea how i'm going to survive next gen.

I own a Slim and a 60GB. My slim has a stock 250gb. My 60GB has a 500GB.