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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will there be a FF XIII limited edition for NA?

Here are the details about the North America bundle and Europe bundle. Credit to Neogaf

North America:
The pack contains an Xbox 360 Elite. 250GB hard-drive.
Two controllers.
One copy of Final Fantasy XIII
Priced at 399 dollars.

Europe bundle
120GB hard-drive.
One controller.
249 euros.

Just want to play good games

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Here are the full details of the Final Fantasy 13 360 Bundle

White Console
Limited Edition Faceplate created by Tatsuya Nomura
2 Controllers
250 GB Hard Drive
Standard Edition of Game
Exclusive Avatar Items

Just want to play good games

well the bundle seems ok, i mean it is really cool to have a 250 gb hardrive but i wouldn't buy it since im happy with my 360. i would consider it if it was a special editition 360 like the ps3 for japan. this just seems like a standard 360 with 250 gb no big deal really.

@ reddragon
hope you can buy that faceplate separately since is the only thing that interest me of that bundle.

I don't know but they said it is a very limited edition and these countries (North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) have to share the supply. Only at certain retailers also.

Also Kotaku is saying that the 360 bundle will be the only bundle for Final Fantasy 13 outside of Japan.

Just want to play good games