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CaptainPrefrences said:
Nice suggestions everyone. Based on what ive seen I will most likely purchase Warcraft 3, Battlefield, and ages of empires.

Also, I might try Counter Strike Source at my friends house. It looks alright.

It may not be a concensus, but I think CS 1.6 is better than source and Age of Empires 2 (with conquerors expansion) is at least as good if not better than AOE3, and still has an active online community with plenty of games to be found 24 hours a day, so you should at least try these earlier games if you're interested in the franchises.

Based on your choises you may not be interested in Black and White, but it may be great if get into it, even if it's an old game.

Also, the PC is great for niche and older games you can always go back and try, so you might be interested in things like Populous or Dungeon Keeper, for example, or other simulation games since you are trying one.

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Counter Strike: Source

You seem person who might like mount & blade. You can download full game with level restriction from their web site.

Anno & Total War series, Sins of Solar Empire, King's Bounty, No One Lives Forever, Chronicles of Ridick, Battlefield

go on a site like IGN, look for the PC review section, classify by score, then note down anything in the 90+ region that is old enough for your comp.... there should be plenty!

and don't forget the orange box ^^


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Lemmings. Commander Keen.

You are not a PC gamer until you have played these.

Why haven't anyone said Dragon Age Origins yet? Its a RTS Action game. Sort of.

One suggestion: Learn to pirate games. Thats the number one key to being a great PC gamer. Free gamers for all PC gamers. They know no law. :)

Team Fortress 2 is the king of multiplayer online shooters, don't listen to these counter strike nerds. ;)

As For RTS, Company of Heroes and World in Conflict are especially amazing. World in Conflict is underlooked which is a damn shame cause it has one of the best war stories in videogaming.

Ok so Ages on Empires, Warcraft 3 and I might try Counter Strike source for my FPS selection.

Commander Keen looks interesting. Thanks for all the suggestions dudes.