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My sister-in-law's boyfriend bought a PS3 around launch time when it was around $650 CDN and when he found out the Slim was coming out he really wanted to buy it, even though he really wanted a 360 too. I was like "you already have a PS3, why don't you just buy a new Elite with Halo 3 and the wireless adaptor for $30 more?" His excuse: only having 2 HDMI ports on his TV (one for the PVR, one for the PS3)...

Anyways, I don't doubt that quite a few existing owners are buying slims (for whatever reason), but the bulk of the spike is likely due to all the people who have been holding off waiting for the price to drop since it's been rumoured for months now.

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I don't think so
it's true that many gamer who already own a ps3 will buy the slim model but I don't think it will be that much.
maybe 3-4% will buy a second ps3 
it's sure have it's effect on ps3 slim first month sales maybe 15%-20% IMO
but on ps3 slim life time it will be near nothing

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binary solo said:

Older software titles get a lift in sales = new buyers.

Older software titles get no lift = phat owners slimming down.

Good point, binary solo

All older software has been tracking pretty flat for a couple of months. Anyone who already owns a PS3 bought the must have exclusives (LBP, MGS4, Uncharted, Killzone2). It's too soon to for a holiday boost.

Keeping an eye on how those titles sell will be a good indication of new ps3 owners vs. slimming down fatty ps3 owners.


I currently own 2 PS3's. An 80 GB non BC in my living room and a 60 GB launch (hardware BC) in my bedroom. I will be buying a slim to replace my 60gigger.

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I find it interesting that the wii is already selling close to or more than the PS3 on most major online retailers. I think that would indicate a major rush of hardcore Sony fans picking up the new model. Hardcore Sony fans are quite loyal.

Lol @ all the people that took this seriously. This is why these threads are still worth making.

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It certainly would go a long way to explain the lacklustre Software performance in Japan during a mega PS3 hardware sales week.

They do say the PS3 owners are well rich :)

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mmmm, i think you mostly wrong


BoleroOfFire said:
Lol @ all the people that took this seriously. This is why these threads are still worth making.

Brett fell for it too:


^ He didn't say most in the article.

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Now that prices are much more even accross the board, SONY should keep outselling M$ WW like they did before M$ made it's cuts last year. It is obvious that price was a big issue for the PS3. No longer, tho.

Going to be fun reading more fanboy drivel in the comming months as the PS3 surges towards xmas.

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