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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who IS buying a PS3 this year?

If you're buying your second or more PS3 please refrain from posting.

If you're not buying a PS3, go here.


If you're buying a PS3 this year, what factors influenced you to do so. Obviously many of you will be saying the price cut, but as this is my thread, I'm making it a rule that you need at least 2 reasons, and in full depth (if you're interested in the games line up, which game(s)?)

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NOBODY's buying a PS3 this year? O.o That's bad news for Sony...

eh...I MIGHT get one this chrismas, because its cheap ( 1 ) and I have been playing my 60G mode for almost 2 years now and all the horrible stories I heard about YLOD among 60G mode kinda gives me creeps ( 2 )


sorry didnt read OP carefully, Im retarded lol


Akvod said:
NOBODY's buying a PS3 this year? O.o That's bad news for Sony...

Enough's enough. Too many threads is making my head go boom.

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I might. I do have a $50 gift card and no sales tax to think about getting one.

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Did anyone read my OP? T.T

*raises hand*

I said I would get a PS3 after it dropped under what I paid at launch for a 360 (600) Which it did, so a PS3 purchase is in my site.

I'm not. :D

rendo said:
I'm not. :D

Then don't post here dumbass... what were you thinking? I asked who was buying a PS3, not who wasn't. Go here, if you're not.

It's not even a matter of reading an OP, you just blatently ignored my thread topic.