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Suda 51's New PS3 Exclusive: Kurayami

The eccentric Suda 51 harnesses the power of PS3 for a bizarre action/adventure inspired the work of existentialist writer Franz Kafka. In an unusual town full of odd locals, your stranded characters must explore the town and its castle to find a way out, using only his carried torch to light his way and to fend off the unexpected and unexplainable horrors that await. Advanced new lighting and graphic techniques are used to impress upon you the feeling of fear and loneliness (the tite "Kurayami" means "Darkness" in Japanese) as you venture through to the end of your quest.
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"The player will be thus plunged in a village obscure which it will have to traverse with a torch to reach a castle and to discover his mysteries. Thanks to the power techniques of PlayStation 3, Suda Goichi intends to stress the graphic style (textures, drawings of the characters, decorations, etc.) of Kurayami so that the player can truly feel the darkness and darkness, the concept of the fear will play a very important part in the play."

Check gamekyo.com for concept art, link below on alternative sources.

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Holy fucking @#$% this will be AAA no questions asks lulzmahballz.

Kafka is weird, so this game might be cool.



Edit: >_>

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Wasn't this like.. vaporware?

This was announced before the PS3 was released. This game basically defines the word shovelware. But please supply us with an link

Interesting. Horror? I'm keeping a close eye on this.

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Well, let's see how the project goes before putting it in my once pre-orders is open i'll buy it list.

Old news posted again to trick people on the source site. Locked.