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DMeisterJ said:
If PSrock got it that low for looks, I should get mine for free!! ^_^

And 200 texts is blasphemy, but we can't all have blackberries :-/


Yeah, its possible to have a blackberry, *coughs crackberry coughs* lol

200 need more!! I thought you had unlimited!

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I wish I had unlimited, it's a shame unlimited costs so much on cingular's plan.

lol im with Tesco top up XD

DMeisterJ said:
I wish I had unlimited, it's a shame unlimited costs so much on cingular's plan.

Yeah Verizon wants an extra $15 I think and T-Mobile wanted $15...nice still...I having fun like crazy. No wonder you never text back like I want you to!

Thatmax said:
lol im with Tesco top up XD

Never heard of them, but I did get a discription of them via Wikipedia:

"Tesco announced in December 2004 that it has signed up 500,000 customers to its mobile service in the 12 months since launch. In December 2005, it announced it had one million customers using its mobile service. In April 2006 it announced that it had over one and a half million telecom accounts in total, including mobile, fixed line and broadband accounts."


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^^That was the dumbest post dude....

I can tell you what ISNT good at all - T Mobile. HORRIBLE service.
I have Helio, theyre not bad, but they just merged with Virgin Mobile, so we'll see how that debacle turns out. With Helio,Im paying $70/month for unlimited high speed data/internet/texting and 500 voice minutes. They have the Helio Ocean which is a sick phone for $150.

In the UK O2 rule...however im with Vodafone, and they are fricking awful!

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