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I think 1M in channel seems a bit low, but still plausible. You people should remember that this title is one of the biggest PS3 exclusives, has high profile and it's available boxed and bundled, which ups the number. This game should also be available in practically every store that sells games, unlike many other games.
So, MGS4 could be undertracked or overtracked, but at this point, i'd take VGC numbers as correct as they can be at this point. Besides, historically VGC has been really close in big titles.

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We know UK numbers, and we know Japan numbers without even using vgchartz. From the UK numbers you can make a pretty decent guess of the rest of europe.

I don't see any reason to believe it's undertracked. I'm not saying it is or isn't, just saying we shouldn't doubt vgchartz until we get good information.

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Anecdotal I realize, but I have been to two BestBuy's this weekend and they both appeared to have what looked like 100 or more in stock, not to mention bundles. I do not see why 1 million in stock is so outrageous. BestBuy has about 1,300 stores in the US - if all carried the same stock even taking in account +/- a little , that would account for well over 100,000 just from BestBuy. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if it is slightly overtracked.

Why do new people to this site always think this lol.
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