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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Open AI's new chat GPT-4o model is mind blowing and impressive


True AGI in...

2024 0 0%
2025 1 20.00%
2026 0 0%
2027 0 0%
2028 1 20.00%
2029 0 0%
2030's 2 40.00%
2040's 1 20.00%
2050's 0 0%
Never. 0 0%

It has not yet fully released. The voice feature, real-time vision and picking up on audio cues as well as asking it to stop talking have yet to be rolled out. 

This is mimicking AGI, I know it isn't but it's one hell of a jump and this industry is moving so, so fast. Even Gpt4o with the standard old voice interface is wildly impressive and beats 90's sci fi imagination. 

What are your thoughts on such a mind boggling technology?

Last edited by LegitHyperbole - on 27 May 2024

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Imagine how this could be used for realistic real time NPC dialogue in video games.