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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 2024 looks to be a massive year for Age of Empires

World's Edge announced a slew of upcoming news for the franchise in 2024 on February 23rd. Just about every game is getting updated. Can't wait for Age of Mythology: Retold to finally be shown off particularly! I'm whatevs on AoE Mobile though whatever helps gives the franchise more recognition I guess. 

2024 looks to be a fantastic year for RTS in general alongside new games like Tempest Rising, Stormgate, and ZeroSpace.

From the website:

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition: We’ll reveal a brand-new campaign-focused expansion and an extended look at exclusive gameplay. 

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition: After giving our players a new way to play for free in 2023, we are excited to reveal a new DLC with new civilizations.  

Age of Empires IV: Coming off our best-selling expansion ever with The Sultans Ascend, we will share updates on an upcoming brand-new season and a new in-game reward. 

Age of Empires Mobile: TiMi Studios, the award-winning developer, will share a first-time look at gameplay and give us a behind the scenes look into their studio. The team will share their passion for Age of Empires and their vision to bring the franchise to new and existing fans alike.  

Age of Mythology: Retold: The team will take us behind the curtain in the studio to show how they are developing this beloved game for a new, modern experience. Fans can expect a unique unveiling of a few mythological creatures that you won’t want to miss. 

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This is fantastic news. I always have been a fan of this series since playing it on game pass a few years ago.


Just couple years ago I picked from flea market AoE 1-3. (That's where I get most of my games, having old hardware.)
So I've been playing them one (plus expansions) a year and now I have AoE3/WarChiefs/Asian Dynasties scheduled to be played this year.