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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you want to see from next gen Nintendo games?

What changes/improvements/revolutions do you want to see in Nintendo software next gen?

This gen the BIG thing we got introduced to was open world Zelda. We also got open world (but very buggy) Pokemon, a hint of open world Mario with Bowser's Fury, as well as fitness with a cool ring and other more niche things like the Labo stuff and Mario Kart Live.

What do you want to see change for Nintendo software next gen, for the big IP or new types of games? Could be major changes or just doing altering a classic formula a bit.

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Since gameplay really doesnt need a real improvement (Nintendo first party games) what we need is an improvement on Graphics quality... And one maybe not related to the games, but to the console itslef. Those small joycons for me are a torture if I am playing anything other than a turn based roleplaying games. Playing Blasphemous or Moonscars on it, kills all your hand and wrist joints.


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I think Nintendo has proven it can do pretty engaging physics with Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom even with a mediocre CPU.
It has also achieved decent and engaging open worlds.

The rest just comes down to the technology itself, I would like a full HDR display, full hardware Ray Traced lighting pipeline and give us more of what made the current Switch a fantastic device... And that is compelling games.

And a new Pokemon developer wouldn't hurt either, Gamefreak isn't competent at making games in the modern era... And is a big stain on Nintendo's exclusive lineup.

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Pemalite said:

And a new Pokemon developer wouldn't hurt either, Gamefreak isn't competent at making games in the modern era... And is a big stain on Nintendo's exclusive lineup.

That would be one of mine. I want to see a legit epic open world RPG from Pokemon. The kind of game that is challenging and engrossing and surprising and has depth. I'd like to see a Pokemon game that people are flocking to play because its a critically acclaimed game, and not just because its a pokemon game. I'm not someone who hates on all the pokemon games like many people on here, but the Switch games seem to have all been just fine, while also lacking polish. I want something great, not just okay. After 5 Pokemon games on the Switch it seems Gamefreak simply isn't up to the task.

Beyond that for some of the big series I'd like to see:

1. Nintendo start making new 2D Zelda games again

2. Establish a whole quality fitness brand of games rather than just doing a one-off/two-off game like Wii Fit or Ring Fit. So basically if gamers are gonna spend extra for some fitness peripheral give us a whole series of different experiences and ways to workout with it and turn that into a whole brand for Nintendo that can potential span system generations.

3. I want Mario Kart to evolve into something a bit more, taking inspiration from Smash and Diddy Kong Racing. Specifically turn into more of a 'Nintendo Kart' game which is a transition that MK8 already started, by bringing in a lot more racers and tracks and items (which hasn't been done yet) from other Nintendo games. As well as making more out of the one player experience by providing a real 'game' to play through with boss races/battles and stuff like DKR did so many years ago.

4. For 3D Mario I'd like to see what an open world Mario is like, which Bowser's Fury gave us a taste of. And for 2D Mario (I doubt Wonder is going to do this) I want to see a return to the tight controls and more challenging platforming of original 2D Mario games, rather than the more loose controls and casual direction Mario has gone with since NSMB. 2D Mario can still target everyone and have multiplayer play while having tighter controls and better platforming so I don't think it would harm the casual mass appeal.

5. For 3D Zelda, keep open world obviously, but use the more powerful hardware to give us a more populated world. Like a Hyrule that is more than just say a castle with small villages but gives us a populated Hyrule castle surrounding by an actual city and then the normal small villages around the map (but maybe the other species towns like Gorons and Zora are more bustling towns than small villages), and with more people out in the world living their lives outside of villages rather than mostly just little set pieces where you have to save someone from being attacked or you pass a solo traveler on the road. Also for a long time I've wanted a Zelda game that is taking place during an actual war between Ganon and Hyrule, in which you take part in battles and take on missions to turn the tide of the war. Still open world though, so if you chose to wander off exploring instead of helping out in a battle or you don't do well enough helping in a battle then Ganon's forces win the battle and take control of some area and now you have to do stuff to try to take it back.

6. For Splatoon I want at least an aesthetic change. The first 3 games both look and feel very similar. To give the next one a distinct flavor, since the games are all about paint, make the graphics actually look like a painting, in 3D of course. Change from cartoon look to straight up painted look. It would be a unique art style and also fit with the game.

7. And finally, of course, bring back Fzero! haha

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I kind of want an old school 3D zelda. I love the open world design but I also love classic zelda.


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This time just better graphics and more advanced versions of what we currently have. Better joycons with more advanced gyro controls and hd rumble, and a clear generational leap in graphical fidelity over the current Switch. This is 1 time Nintendo should not try to reinvent the wheel and its R&D should be put into making the best possible hybrid console with the technology now available to them instead of pulling another Wii U.

Actually good Pokemon games.