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Forums - Politics Discussion - Favorite Articles of 2022

Whelp, we're near the end of the year. Time for another kind of year-end "best of" type thread.

Let's get real: many if not most of us I think dislike the bulk of journalism out there. But what about the good stuff? I think it deserves acknowledgement! Just thought I'd start a thread where we can share the best articles that we read in 2022. Ones that made us think or just powerfully presented a perspective that needed to be offered, that kinda stuff. Here are my faves of the year. What were yours?

(I've posted this in the Politics Discussion sub-forum because some of these articles are political in nature.)

1) Should America Be More Like Ukraine?, by Mark Lilla

2) Women Have Been Betrayed By a Culture of Porn Gone Wild, by Louise Perry

3) Why American Teens Are So Sad, by Derek Thompson

4) 'Luddite' Teens Don't Want Your Likes, by Alex Vadukul

5) New Study Shows 'Man-Children' Are Destroying Women's Sex Drives, by Brit Dawson

6) Why Gen Zers Are Growing Up Sober Curious, by Megan Carnegie

7) States With More Abortion Restrictions Have Higher Maternal and Infant Mortality, Report Finds, by Doha Madani

8) Open World Fatigue in Gaming, by Ethan Moss <-- Had to include one gaming-related article, being as it's a gaming-themed board.

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