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Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade

I have finally got the time to create a review on one of my beloved favorite games. Long story short, i had a pirated copy of FF7 for my PS1 when half way through the game it crashed and would no longer let me progress. I ended up buying an original copy of FF7 on Ebay just so i could finish the game. Years later this remake came out and i was very caution on the direction of this game and was afraid Square could ruin what they created. After spending just over 60 hours of Game time i have completed the game and have started the Yuffie DLC.

First impressions

Intergrade is basically a remaster of the remake and i must say, this has to be one of the best looking games i have ever seen. I was blown away with the CGI in Advent Children and its safe to say that FF7 Remake looks better. The art direction holds up extremely well. This game in beautiful.


Top notch, FF7 Remake has done an amazing job of releasing the old themes of FF7 using a modern twist and it sounds absolutely amazing, from the Battle themes to the hub world. The music feels nostalgic for those who remember the original game. I never get sick of hearing it. As for the sound, its exactly what you would expect. The character voices and acting is exactly what i expected them to be and more.


The game plays as good as any, tight controls, 60fps and the combat system has been completely overhauled and for the better. It mixes live action with turned based, allowing you to freeze the fight at any time to strategize your next attack or you can choose to play in a more fast action button basher. 


The story follows closely to the original game with some minor changes. I wont spoil the story here however i will say in my opinion, i don't mind the slight changes. FF7 has one of the best story's which Square has really looked after it.


FF7 hold a big place in my heart when growing up. It was my first JRPG game i played and my first to finish. After playing the remake, it has gotten me excited again about FF7. Square has nailed everything about the original game and transformed it into a modern delight. Playing through the entire game i had so many nostalgic moments that has made me really love the game. If you are a big fan of the original, i highly recommend checking out the remake. Its everything you expect a remake to be and more. 

If i had to give the game a rating, ill give it a 9.5/10. Absolutely loved my time spent in that world. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the next part.