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Forums - Gaming Discussion - John Madden Dead at 85


There's a statement in the article from an EA representative acknowledging Madden's legacy with EA Sports.

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No one lives forever...

What was he up to these last years?

I HATE that this is where my mind immediately went to, but I’m not looking forward to seeing how EA will try to exploit this legends death for more monetary gain. I’m expecting something similar to what 2K did with Kobe’s untimely death.

RIP John Madden. You truly are a legend, not just in football, but in sports history!

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Apparently he has one of the highest winning percentages at like .750 or whatever. Pretty damn good. Liked him as a commentator even if he did over simplify things a little too much sometimes.

The Mad TV Madden parody sketches were pretty damn funny. RIP. Keep on motorhoming!