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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much has Overwatch on Switch sold?

I'm curious if anyone has any ideas on the matter. I've never had trouble with having a playerbase on Switch and there doesn't seem to be any sign of Overwatch getting content snubs from underperformance. However official numbers on the Switch seems a bit....unlikely to be given by Activision-Blizzard and I don't think Nintendo can legally say so themselves (or at least I don't think they consider it super relevant). 

Please hold your 'who cares about Overwatch' comments, as I suspect that Overwatch is a game that is popular despite dislike online these days akin to a COD and I'd rather not have 50 responses of which 46 are snarking about Overwatch 'sucking now' or 'Bastet'. I'd like actual guesses and takes on the matter. I don't often play online shooters so maybe Overwatch on Switch has terrible playerbase numbers and I simply can't tell. 

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My question is more has a patch come out? I am interested in getting it but I am on the fence.

Check the link below. (note to Admins: it's not really porn please don't ban me!)