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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Official Trailer, Video behind the scene with Nobuo Uematsu X Yosh, Cloud Crossdresser, Scarlet, Hojo, Red XIII first appearance

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Video behind the Scene with Nobuo Uematsu X Yosh

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I want to watch but I must refrain.

so many waifus, it's hard to pick only one, and I didn't know I had to add Cloud in it.

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This trailer was just wonderful.

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I'm holding back!!!....ohhh the temptation!!! T_T

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Looks pretty awesome.

Did Sephiroth say, "A touching Réunion?" in the original game?

It's very... Loveless of him.

Couple of months before and Red is shown? (I mean to people weak enough to watch it, I ain't doing that).

Hmm, pie.

This is game is going to be one of the most beautiful things ever created.

I was already into this way before this trailer got me more into this.
This is my most anticipated game of the year at this point.

Oh my god the best game ever have a great trailer.

Japanese subs :

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