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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Call of Duty MW Exclusive Content Issue

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COD MW is set to break some video game records on launch.. or so it seemed however recently discovering that COD MW has Special Ops Survival Mode locked down for a complete year on PS4 giving the PC and X1 a inferior version. This may not be news to many but news none the less to those planning on getting COD MW on PC or X1.


Call of Duty’s subreddit, as would be expected, blew up at the revelation.

“A new cod game will be releasing when this is out on Xbox and PC wtf,” wrote one massively upvoted poster.

“I’m almost certain this was part of Activision’s deal with Sony to have cross-platform play in MW,” replied another, speaking for the suspicions of many.

“This is just horrible and I’m on PS4,” said another redditor.


Possibly one of the most contradicting posts was from Taylor Kurosaki - Infinity Ward Director

Let’s be honest, “ruining” is an exaggeration. Survival is 1% of the game. The other 99% is simultaneous day and date across all platforms. I’d rather have everyone playing 99% of the content at the same time than 100% of the content some time later.

— Taylor Kurosaki (@taylorkurosaki) September 24, 2019

In my opinion to Mr Taylor would be are they going to reduce the price to allow for the content missing?

Exclusive buy out for games that are multi-plat need to stop. Sure this is okay if you are on the platform that benefits your needs however gaming is far greater than just one platform. This goes to all console makers not just for this game. Moving onto next gen we shouldn't be supporting deals that affects other gamers content. I will assume COD MW will not be cheaper to buy on the X1 or PC even with there 1% content reduced.

Angry Joe hits the point right on the head.

EDIT: Didnt realize there was a thread about this already. You can lock this thread down.

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