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Forums - PC Discussion - Metro: Exodus sold 2.5x more than Metro: Last Light on Steam launch aligned

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One of my favourite series so I'm glad the newest iteration is selling well. 


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Is that because of the preorder thing?

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Good the series is still strong on the platform


oh ya , a ton of people preordered the game on steam - it was in the top selling list for a couple of days 


I wonder if it will still be rereleased on steam next year


edit: for some reason I confused it with division. It’s still coming to steam next year , I don’t mind waiting 😂 


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Ha! I guess the fan base wasn't that upset after all.

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COKTOE said:
Ha! I guess the fan base wasn't that upset after all.

They had already bought it by that point. Pre-Orders on Steam were still honored.

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Sad day for PC gaming

Pre-orders on Steam were counted. This is a non-point. But you can't expect honesty from Epic.

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wow that is epic sales.

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Where's the Epic "spy" breakdown data?, you know, since the guy behind Steam Spy was all about that sort of important data.

John2290 said:
I'd not have know about metro without the Redux as with many others, perhaps 2.5 times as many others.

The redux was fantastic. I played a little of the original as I got it free with ps plus on ps3. Decided I liked it enough to buy the redux on ps4 and continue playing.