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Forums - Sony Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Sony E3 Press Conference?

My other E3 Most Anticipated Announcement threads

Square Enix

Welcome to part 6 of a planned series of these most wanted E3 announcement threads. I'm planning to do one a day, in chronological order of the press conferences (EA > MS > Bethesda > Square > Ubisoft > Sony > Nintendo). 

I am personally going into Sony's E3 with somewhat muted expectations this year. There are many reasons why I'm not expecting many new announcements from Sony this year. Recently, they suggested they weren't doing a traditional E3. Most of their 1st and 2nd party studios either have an announced game that hasn't released yet, or have released a game in the last 1.5 years. They have alot of announced exclusives already (The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, Wild, Death Stranding, Concrete Genie, Dreams, MediEvil Remake, etc.). PS5 is likely to release within 2.5 years and Sony is probably saving up some big exclusives for it already. I definitely think this E3 will mainly be focused on currently announced exclusives and 3rd party marketing deal games. 

1. New Uncharted trilogy with a young adult Cassie Drake as the protagonist. Status- Unlikely. While I do believe that Sony won't just leave a series that sells as well as Uncharted sitting in dormancy for long, I'm not expecting the next Uncharted to be announced until the PS5 reveal at the earliest.

2. Tokyo Jungle 2 or Tokyo Jungle Remaster. Status- Unlikely. I'd love to see this, but we've seen no indication from Sony that the franchise has any future and I'm not ever sure if the developer, Crispy's, still exists.

3. Playstation All-Star 2. Status- Possible. There have been some recent leaks pointing to a sequel to Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Also, CD Projekt hinted that Geralt was a guest character ina 2nd game other than Soul Calibur 6 this year and Playstation All-Stars 2 just makes too much sense to be that game.

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. Status- Very unlikely. Given the timing of the first games release, Horizon 2 is most likely being saved for next-gen and will be announced sometime around the PS5's reveal. 

5. Infamous 4- Status- Very unlikely. Considering Sucker Punch is busy with Ghost of Tsushima right now, Infamous 4 is very unlikely to be at E3 unless they passed it to another studio, which is still very unlikely. 
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I'm not expecting any exclusive announcements at Sony's E3.

But here is what I'm hoping for

- TLoU2 gameplay

- Days Gone trailer

- Ghost of Tutshima gameplay

- Death Stranding gameplay

- Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay or trailer

- Call of duty haha nah I'm just kidding

- shadows die twice (I'm pretty sure this isn't exclusive but I still want to see it)

- Ready at Dawn's new game (this is very unlikely, but they said they were working on a new AAA IP, and I hope it's announced this E3. It won't be Sony exclusive though we know that)

I'm mainly looking for Death Stranding and Shadows Die Twice gameplay

A new JRPG co-developed by Sony Japan Studio and Sakaguchi's Mistwalker (a man can dream )

Lots of zombie bears.

A new Infamous game.

I want to see gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2 and i am really curious what Death Stranding looks like. I don't really need new announcements

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Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Japan Studios new game
What ever Shadows Die Twice is
Blue Points new remake
Deep Down Re-revealed
FF7 Remake Footage if we dont see it at Square Enix's event
Cyber Punk 2077 but I expect it at Microshafts conference
Playstation Allstars 2 I would very much enjoy seeing

A Persona 5 Golden Crimson FES would be nice too

We won't get a new announcement so I am not all that excited to be honest. I already know I am going to buy Spiderman abs Red Dead Redemption 2. I haven't followed TLOU 2 on purpose, both are going to be great anyways. Death Stranding looks weird af and I doubt the next trailer will not clear things up anyway. Ghost of Tsunuma is probably the only thing alongside the third party stuff that interests me.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

I'm gonna keep begging for a PlayStation All-Stars kart game until we get one. If done right I truly believe that it could be Sony's biggest game on the market, and it could be a great GaaS game with new customization items for the characters, new characters and new tracks releasing regularly after release.

-New Ape escape with apes running away to other games dimensions.

-New Ratchet and clank

-New Dark Cloud style JRPG 

- More PS2 games ( Ace combat/the SMT games etc)

- Announce a new GEX game (the IP is available)

- Announce a new Dino Crisis game

-Psychonauts 2 Release date announcement

-Katamari new game

-New Maximo game

-New Monster Rancher game

- SSX game with big open mountain/online play etc

Just miss sony from PSone/PS2.

-Ape Escape
-PS All Stars 2
-Ghost of Tsushima (more gameplay and info)
-PS1 games and more PS2 games
-Persona Dancing localization

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"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."