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Forums - Sony Discussion - What is Sony's biggest Mistake?

-Selling Crash?

-Selling Spyro?

-Giving up GTA exclusive launch for Agent?

-PS3 Launch



I'd go with Crash. No one knew 20 years ago that remasters would be all the rage.


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Sony didn't sell Crash; they never owned the IP.

Zones said:
Sony didn't sell Crash; they never owned the IP.

Okay, not purchasing Naughty Dog before they sold Crash Bandicoot


None of the above. IMO their biggest mistake was walking away from backwards compatibility.

The PS3 is hard to beat. Sony incurred huge losses to push a new media format that ultimately didn't bring in the desired royalties because Netflix and other streaming services emerged.

As for nobody knowing that remasters sell, nope.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Vita memory card BS. So many people I know wanted to get a Vita but didn't want to be forced to use Sony's memory cards. Should have just done typical SD/mini SD cards.

PS3 I guess...

ps3, they kinda fixed it in the end but that was the huge mistake. Crash was never theirs

Not developing new IP for the portable market during the PSP era.

This is really what killed the Vita. It relied on 3rd party support, just like the PSP, but that was not enough in a shrinking market. Especially with adults switching to smartphones, Sony had nothing to appeal to kids.

While the PSP was still a strong brand, they should have invested in existing multimedia IP or developed their own using their assets in film and anime production. That is, if they were serious about the portable market.

Edit:  Jesus Christ.  I'm talking about LARGE, MEANINGFUL MULTIMEDIA IP that can move a system, not obscure niche releases.  IP that would prove they were serious about the market.

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Their decisions with the PS3, the cell processor comes to mind.