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Forums - PC Discussion - Blizzard Announces WoW Classic

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It took awhile however for those wanting it, seems like its happening.

Fellow PC gamers rejoice as its the return of the king.

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Man WoW must really be struggling.

ktay95 said:
Man WoW must really be struggling.

Oh yeah, Blizzard are really shaking in there boots.. what shall they ever do.

I wonder if they started this before shutting those fan servers down or after? Wait didn't they hire some of those people? Maybe this is a result of that?

I was playing WoW from closed beta until a few months into Cataclysm and i loved the vanilla WoW way more than anything Blizz released since then for WoW. I will be there day1 for classic launch. Im pretty sure this announcement made alot of people happy.

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This will be me, when I go back to playing Vanilla Warlock, going about to gather the many souls for my soul slot bag:

Also, Warlock's Demonology spec will actually be fun to play again.

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