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I know, Revolutionary 

I love playing games and thought.. why not. I have posted a few clips in the past but decided to do a proper voice over video, here it is:

I have ordered a Camera and any support would be much welcomed :)

(im not sure how to embed videos, so if anyone could help i would be very thankful 

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Maybe in time, you can grow like Arlo did and get Nintendo to send you free stuff!

I don't think you're allowed to self promote your own YouTube channel on this site. I don't necessarily agree with it but it is what it is.


Awesome! i'd love to do the same with time! I've subscribed! Tell us what you think of Paris Game Week!

Cool! I am also planning on having my own Gaming channel. Just need some funds for it.
I also dream of going to TGS and do some cover in it. Going to E3 as well and other gaming related convention not just for the console space but PC gaming aswell. XD