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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Strong parallels between Switch and Wii: Next runaway hit for Nintendo?


How do you see NS performing sales wise?

Wii level: 100M+ 42 9.27%
Moderate success: 80M+ 42 9.27%
3DS level: 50M+ 112 24.72%
It will sell more than N64: 30M+ 145 32.01%
Will barely outsell Wii U: 15M+ 86 18.98%
Won't outsell Vita and i... 26 5.74%

Let's take a look at the facts.

  • Redemption console after an underwhelming one (GameCube, Wii U)
  • People are very curious about it and is stirring up interest in mainstream media (Just go on YT and look for reviews and reactions)
  • Innovative hardware (Wiimote, Hybrid device)
  • About the same price (adjusted for inflation)
  • Newest and highly anticipated Zelda at launch

Switch also has a lot more going on like a promising lineup for its first couple months, is developer friendly and is also almost guaranteed to have all of their heavy hitters including the handheld exclusives like mainline Pokemon and Animal Crossing. I think we're looking at the beggining of a new golden era for Nintendo.

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Main difference would be that the Wii launch line up was far superior.  Far more genres and games represented.  I wouldn't get a Switch till Holiday 2017 if that.

I don't think so... Wii U was a much larger fiasco that Gamecube was

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

I would hope so, but it's missing that Wii Sports style game. Wii Sports packed in with Zelda selling the system was the perfect storm to introduce people to the Wii.

Tmfwang said:
I don't think so... Wii U was a much larger fiasco that Gamecube was

Smash coming out like a month or so during launch time on the GC was nice.

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It certainly is very popular in Nintendo circle jerks.

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1. It doesn't have nearly the mainstream hype that the Wii did.

2. What it's price is adjusted for inflation doesn't matter.

3. It remains to be seen if the Switch is a redemption console for Nintendo.

4. It doesn't have a Wii Sports to drive casual audiences to it.

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Ya they have some similarities, although you could find some things it has in common with Wii U as well so we can't really determine it's success based on what you have listed.

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I have serious doubts it ll be as big as the Wii was.

I think theres two kinds of views of it:

1) its a cool handheld (powerfull handheld) that can also play on your tv (expensive handheld).
2) its a homeconsole (really weak) and its overpriced for its hardware (competitors x3 power & cheaper)

The 2nd view point seems to be pretty popular on youtube.

I dont think they ll do 100m with the switch.

It's going to take time, but I see future for this device/brand. Forget about all the bad media from neogaf and eurogamer, they're reacting to the launch year of the system, which btw is miles better than the wii u AND wii in terms of hardware/games. But, it's going to take time and games. Maybe not a wii situation tho.