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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Winner is....

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#94 Gengar 51 Points!

2nd Place

#282 47 Points!

3rd Place

#15044 Points

Better Luck Next Time

#18138 Points

Thank you all so very much for supporting this competition. VGC's favourite Pokemon is Gengar!

I was gonna make this awesome with some stats and all, but i havent' updated since round 2... so... eventually.

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R.I.P. Sirknight.

Congrats to Gengar tho.

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It had to be Gengar, the others were not even an option :)

Ka-pi96 said:
Jpcc86 said:
It had to be Gengar, the others were not even an option :)

Well... maybe one of them if it had been a sexymon contest...

*All the sexy Gardevoir fanart flashes  before my eyes*  Mmm yeah, probably... I'd vote for Salazzle tho :P

Gengar isn't one of my favorites, but it could have been worse (Charizard, Aggron..)
Overall, my favorites did quite well. Except for Plusle. Why doesn't anyone like Plusle?

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Sweet~ Even though Typhlosion lost, at least another one of my bois won, followed by Guardevior.



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What is it about Gengar that made you guys vote it #1?

Arcanine said:
What is it about Gengar that made you guys vote it #1?

Appealing design
Appealing typing
Fantastic in-game stats. 
Fantastic move coverage. 
Fantastic Mega - Evo 
Memorable in the cartoon

As opposed to Gardevoir, who is not bad at all, but not as well rounded. 
Ampharos who is one slow MoFo. 
Mewtwo, overpowered, makes everything easy and boring ewwww. 

Not bad results, my favourites got eliminated further in the round but good Pokemon made it to the final round

Would like to echo what uran said

Thanks to all who participated, was fun to host!

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I would've been satisfied with either Gardevoir or Gengar winning, considering they're probably top 15 Pokemon for me. I just wish some of my favorites like Sceptile, Jolteon, Staraptor, and Weavile could've gone a bit further in.

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