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The only thing I'm interested in is the game. The Anime looks absolutely cheap; I dont like that animation studio. Kingsglaive looks like it could be interesting if its not fluff (cool special effects, no or limited action)

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Kingsglaive looks pretty darn good.

Ep 1 of the anime was kinda meh but 2 and 3 were quite good
Ep 1 is the kind of thing best left in the game
2 and 3 justify the existence of additional material, as it's told best through film than videogame

Kingsglaive looks good but Luna got ugly in that flick, game Luna ftw.

I just don't know still… Not completely sold on this, definitely going to wait for word of mouth.

Is that Cate Blanchett at 0:42?

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I've stopped watching trailers because i know this game is day one. I don't want to spoil anything now since its so close. I think ill avoid the internet and reviews the week before and after release