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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XV - World of Wonder Environment Footage (and Gorgeous Day/Night Cycle Video)

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Which version are you getting?

PS4 64 91.43%
XB1 6 8.57%


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Looks amazing!!!!

Link for phone users pleeeeease

PSN ID: Stokesy 

Add me if you want but let me know youre from this website

BasilZero said:
StokedUp said:
Link for phone users pleeeeease


Sorry for that.


Added to OP

Wow that was fast haha! Cheers man

PSN ID: Stokesy 

Add me if you want but let me know youre from this website

Looks beautiful.

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I expected nothing less of Square Enix.

I think the water needs alittle more work though.

Looks incredible, but I'm still not digging the real-time combat. I'll get it at some point though, if it turns out to be good. Can't possibly be worse than XIII, and I bought that so...

The environments look so amazing but the cities are just wow.

ck the enviroments. That music is mindblowing. Even more so to those of us that know what song that is.

Considering how I thought Xenoblade X looked miraculous, I'm just speechless by this game's visuals...

and people have the audacity to say it looks bad.



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