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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What would you like next for Ratchet and Clank?

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What should the ratchet and clank series do next?

A Brand New Single Player Game 8 61.54%
Continue original series of remake 4 30.77%
New Multiplayer Co-Op game 1 7.69%
PSP-makes 0 0%
Future series remake 0 0%
Fuse II starring R&C 0 0%

Just keep it somewhat close to what it is, but obviously you have to up the game a bit. I hated when i had to do all of that stuff with Clank, on the PS3 ones. R&C PS4, felt more true, to what i enjoyed about the game, in the PS2 days.

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They remade ratchet and clank 1 perfectly. I'd say move onto ratchet 2 with a bigger budget than the first.

I'm not sure what I want either. Going Commando was a really great game (perhaps the best of the series) so I would love a remake of it but at the same time I want new stuff. I feel like they should make one more remake with the story of Going Commando (the protopets which were by the way hinted in the recent remake) because it was awesome and the best weapons, gadgets and planets from the whole series. Then after that make new stuff.

i'd prefer new entries in the franchise but i'd also love for the ps3 games to get remastered for ps4.

I'm still hoping they can do co-op right, splitscreen, not stuck on the same screen with crap camera.
4 player drop in, drop out split screen, sucks to take turns.