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PS4 4K will be more expensive at least $100 than regular PS4, in your place I would wait for E3 to see official infos about PS4 4K and then decide if you will buy PS4 right away or if you wait for PS4 4K.

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Okay, so on my short list of games to add to my list I will consider
Resogun, Knack, Zero Horizon, Disgeat (i love tactics games), and The Order.

Thanks for all your suggestions so far. I think I will pass on Bloodbourne, I just don't have the patience for the ultra difficult Demon Soul's style games anymore.

I hear a lot of you mentioning that the PS4K will be more money but that does not concern me at all. The main reason I waited as long as I have to get the PS4 is only due to the fact that there have not yet been any exclusives that screamed at me to get a PS4. It is the upcoming release of Uncharted that is making me take the leap now.

I fully welcome any more suggestions if anyone has any.

Infamous SS, just so you can play Infamous First Light, which was one of the best games of its year imho.

Raistline said:

Greetings everyone.

I put this thread out today becausae I am planning to finally get a PS4 (PS4.5/K). 

Can anyone give me some suggestions for games that I should pick up. I am a long standing fan of Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, and Final Fantasy (really any JRPG) series so those will be immediate purchases upon their release or when I get the console, whichever comes second. 

I am not terribly picky when it comes to games but here are the specific titles that I am not really a fan of. I do not like any of the games Bungie Studios offer, I dislike COD games, I don't like EA sports games anymore, and I have a PC with a beefy video card and will always choose the PC version over a console version where available. 

Any input would be helpful and detailed input about a suggested game would be incredible.


Thanks in advance.

You sound to be in a similar boat as I. I don't have a PS4 yet, but if like to see what this PS4.5 had to offer, how it can serve me and is it worth a premium price. But as it stands, wait. But I have been purchasing PS4 games from time to time when they go on the cheap. Good luck. 

Get the PS4... who knows when the ps4.5 will come out.. you need to enjoy the great games out this year.

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Uabit said:
Any game you can't play on PC and shitty ports -> PS4

Everything else -> PC


If you waited this long might as well wait for the PS4K.

I say just get a PS4. If money is not a big deal, may as well jump on it now and trade it in for this fantasy upgrade model people are obsessed with if it ever comes out. There are plenty of games worth playing, both old & new, digital & retail, western & eastern, indie & AAA, damn near any genre. Too many for me to even bother making a list.

Unless you're really desperate about playing Bloodborne, wait until E3. Sony will clear any misconceptions and will probably cut the price (FTR I'm predicting a PS4 pricecut and PS4.5 400$, though it could just as easily be a PS4.5 at a higher price, but I think the former option is more likely) and we'll see if the PS4.5 is actually a thing.

Nate4Drake said:
Wait for the E3; if no official words from Sony, buy PS4.

Yeah, this.