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Forums - Sales Discussion - January NPD 2016 predictions thread

January is 4 weeks month.


Important release


Possible hardware impact:



Last month:

[PS4] 1,582,000
[XB1] 1,376,000
[3DS] 581,000
[WIU] 463,000


Last year:

[PS4] 189,000
[XB1] 150,000
[3DS] 74,000
[WIU] 63,000


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[PS4] 215,000
[XB1] 175,000
[3DS] 65,000
[WIU] 50,000

PS4: 235K
X1: 170K
3DS: 80K
WiiU: 60K

PS4 - 250k
XBO - 185k
3DS - 60k
Wii U - 50k

If anyone's interested, VGC has updated numbers for all of January
Here is its numbers for January NPD:

PS4 386k
X1 186k
3DS 67k


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[PS4] 180k
[XB1] 170k
[3DS] 55k
[WIU] 60k

[PS4] 250k
[XB1] 175k
[3DS] 65k
[WIU] 58k

[PS4] 225,000
[XB1] 180,000
[3DS] 55,000
[WIU] 40,000

Optimistic on the PS4+XB1.