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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - You kai Watch Sangokushi launches on April 2 in Japan

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Do you think Level 5 is using this IP too much too fast?

Yes, it will hurt its pro... 5 41.67%
Yes, but they will manage... 1 8.33%
No, the interest is stron... 1 8.33%
No, they should use it un... 3 25.00%
Youkai Watch meets Ghostb... 2 16.67%

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Brief summary: Level 5 and Koei Tecmo will release a crossover between Youkai Watch and Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Japan on April 2 of this year for the 3DS.

With Youkai Watch 3 probably releasing this year, and a lot of YW titles released in 2015, do you think Level 5 is using this franchise too much in too little time? Will this make consumers tired, or L5 has to take advantage of the IP before the fad goes away?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Not interested in the game, but would be interested to see how this does..

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