Does Microsoft owning Minecraft actually do anything???

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They overpaid for sure, but to say it doesn't help is kind of stupid.

It's one of the biggest gaming IPs on both console AND mobile at the same time.

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ps3-sales! said:

Serious question.


It's already out on Ps4 and Ps3. Nothing at this point can save the Vita so it's not a big deal if it doesn't come to Vita.

I don't see a sequel ever coming out, at least not for a long time. 

So what does this accomplish besides Microsoft emptying their pockets?

In theory they can pull it from the PS3 and PS4 so the community cannot grow any further. They can also drop the servers or give them low priority etc.

Soundwave said:
They overpaid for sure, but to say it doesn't help is kind of stupid.

It's one of the biggest gaming IPs on both console AND mobile at the same time.

You know what would have been better? Giving everyone a free HALO MASTERCHIEF COLLECTION and letting everyone buy XBO's for $199€ until they reach a "loss" of $2.5bn   Would help the XBO way more than just buying Mojang.

btw prevent those who buy it for 199 from selling it by adding some special stuff that makes it impossible to sell it

disolitude said:
ps3-sales! said:
disolitude said:
I know its hard for people who think gaming is the center of the universe to think outside the box, but here is a tip...Microsoft couldn't give shit about minecraft as a game IP and that is not what they paid 2 billion for.

When they want is people who play Minecraft using microsoft accounts, which leads to microsoft services. Minecraft is everywhere, on every platform and once this deal goes through, in order to play it on any console you will need to log in with a microsoft account. Buying minecraft is a gateway for them to get iOS, Android, PS3, PS4 users to create microsoft accounts and potentially utilize other microsoft services and advertising.

Facebook paid something like 14 billion for WhatsApp for this exact same reason. They have a messenger that is as good if not better yet they blew 14 billion on whatsapp.

Are you saying that as a Minecraft owner on either Ps3/Ps4 I need to make a Microsoft account to play?


If so that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day. That literally makes zero sense. 

Sure it makes sense. Do you use Skype on PS3/PS4? Well you need a microsoft account to do so... EA does the same thing with a lot of their games.

All you will asked to do is create a new account using a microsoft email address and accept some terms and services and you're done. You won't even know its a microsoft account...Itll be probably called "Minecraft Plus" and will allow you to connect on the PC and monitor your progress or some shit like that...as an incentive. 

That's literally never happened in the history of console games. Give me one example of something that like happening.

I understand your logic, but it doesn't apply to games. 

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I was never interested in Minecraft. So I dont care. Plus I am also glad Microsoft didnt purchased Capcom or Platinum games which could have impacted Xbox One positively.

yes it very much does do something. Microsoft will require us to sign up for an xbox live account, and they'll also make the sequel to minecraft into an FPS with HD graphics.

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crissindahouse said:
AAA300 said:
This is a colossal waste of money they could have bought almost any other studio but they buy this one with only one big game . Personally I think that sequels to minecraft will sell badly and leave them with a studio with no relevant ips.

no they couldn't (not for sale or shareholder want much more as the shares are worth)  and even those they could buy would be probably super unprofitable if you would release their games not as multiplat games in the future so that you would have to change a lot of the structure of the company  (also maybe fire many employees) which means a lot of costs after a purchase. 

there are soo many factors  (also with taxes and so on) and some of you guys think you know it better after 3 mnutes of reading about it. It's just laughable to be honest. 

Yes it is laughable to be honest because you know nothing. Microsoft is not broke last time I checked and have boatload of cash they can buy and pay more then 2.5 billion for a studio.And not being profitable part is stupid,for example if they bought Capcom and there games were xbox only and not multi. platform means more would buy there system for those games! The bigger the install base the more overall game sales increase and then profits go up, exclusives are what sell a console and buying a company with more ips like monster hunter, resident evil, street fighter, mega man, and so on would be better then a company with one ip.Building a bigger library of franchises would help ms more and if there already known thats even better or have you forgotten people freaking out over Tomb Raider!

So why people think it's a decision from Xbox division?you guys really think CEO will give Xbox division that kind of money?

Minecraft is already at 1.8, soon enough We'll be at 2.0.

It would be nice to see them ditch mojang's drm scheme. Minecraft accounts get stolen all the time leaving legitimate consumers without a product.

D-Joe said:
So why people think it's a decision from Xbox division?you guys really think CEO will give Xbox division that kind of money?

Nope, its more a sign xbox consoles are on the way out and xbox will be a ios/steam like service for multiple devices.  Something xbox should have been from the start.