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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tlou:R Any first time buyers?

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Did you buy Tlou:R

First time owner 35 20.96%
Planning to buy for first time 21 12.57%
Upgraded from ps3 (trade in) 19 11.38%
Double dipped (kept ps3 version) 26 15.57%
Planning to upgrade / double dip 18 10.78%
PS3 version is good enough 17 10.18%
Planning to buy for PS3, cheaper now! 3 1.80%
Still not interested 12 7.19%
Do not have ps3 or ps4 15 8.98%

It seems there is a lot of controversy around this early remaster / late port / 'expensive' goty edition. So who is actually buying the game? Even if you've already played it with or borrowed it from a friend, or rented it, did you decide to purchase it this time for ps4? Or are you perhaps waiting for a price drop, $50 is too much.

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I bought TLOU for the first time with the remaster. I actually waited for something like this to happen when it came out first.

I rented it for 3 days when it came out and finished it. I plan on getting it at some point to have it in my collection.

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ME! Should have came today but it's a holiday so tomorrow. :/

First timer here.... skipped it on the PS3 hoping something like this with happen. Actually I skipped every game released after Feb. 20th 2013. Just didn't see how any game that was released in 2013 wouldn't also be on the Ps4 or end up being remastered (Dark Souls 2 still puzzles me, ah well... there's always bloodborne)

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First time I am buying it.Knew it would come to ps4 so I just waited.

I bought it for the first time but haven't played it yet. I'm still finishing Tomb Raider; after that though.

First time... Backlog put purchases on hold last year so this is a fresh game for me... 1st day one in years...

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Congratulations on the poll construction, there is an option for everyone which means everyone will be able to vote and see the results.

In terms of my answer, I have the PS3 version incl left behind and that will do for me.

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Rebought it, and don't regret it for a second.