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Was this funny?

"Yes." Being ... 7 46.67%
"NO!" Get sho... 5 33.33%
"Maybe" Asks ... 3 20.00%

This proves that kids still play Super Mario. Also these kids are hilarious! Also why is Mario Kart 8 still Mario Kart Wii U?

My true form. You like it?

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Of course they still play it, It'd be concerned if Marios biggest crowd were adults.

Kids like Mario? Who'da thunk it?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Kids play Mario!? You just blew my mind. I thought all those Christmas Wii U's and Wii's were just for the neckbeards.

The problem is they don't play enough Mario! They're n00bz!